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WE ARE OPEN!  Come over to The Golden Triangle Gym and check things out!  

OPEN - 24/7

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The Golden Triangle Gym has been a vision of Stewart Community Connections Society since 2019.  After surveying the community, the overwhelming response was the request for a gym facility.  Through the very generous sponsorship of our corporate donors, and a grant from Northern Development Initiative Trust we have been able to open The Golden Triangle Gym.  Hopefully with the continued support of our very generous partners we can continue to add to the gym, only making it better!





















February 9, 2021 the equipment arrives! 

Leo Boyle and Travis Beaumont unpackingLeo Boyle and Travis Beaumont unpacking 

moving everything

Leo and KennanLeo and Kennan

Thanks Keenan!Thanks Keenan!

unpacking weightsunpacking weights

The MoreCore crew packing weightsThe MoreCore crew packing weights

Jessica and Pat doing some heavy lifting!Jessica and Pat doing some heavy lifting!


what a great group of helpers!

Brian and Pat GrueBrian and Pat Grue

Travis and Brian bringing in parts of the multi-stationTravis and Brian bringing in parts of the multi-station


Colin Dosselman, Lenny Tschetter, Reid Lloyd, Travis Beaumont, Angela Danuser, Leo Boyle, Kennan & Jessica Kennedy, Brian and Pat Grue, not pictured - Dolores Kennedy. 

Thank you all for wonderful help!







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